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Dropped ceilings

by ladynews

A suspension ceiling is a system that includes a metal frame that is installed on either ready -made attributes (rails, slabs, cellular modules, cassettes, panels), or plasterboard layers that form the ceiling plane.

The use of suspended ceilings allows you to form a space between the ceiling and the ceiling, where you can place engineering communications and mount lamps.

The suspended ceiling helps to visually hide the flaws of the surface of the ceiling, as well as all the equipment that is placed under the ceiling. Among other things, the design of the suspended ceiling forms an easy access to the equipment either in a certain place, or along the entire surface of the ceiling.

If one of the modular components failed or is unusable, then it can be replaced without much difficulty, it will take a little time.

Acoustic suspended ceilings are designed to reduce the noise level in the room and neutralize unpleasant sounds. The reflective qualities of such ceilings contribute to the creation of optimal lighting conditions, and at the same time save electricity. And, in conclusion, the design of the suspended ceilings is simple and convenient in installation.

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