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External lighting of the personal plot

by ladynews

An important point in the design of the house is outdoor lighting. When designing the exterior, it is necessary to correctly draw up a light scheme, and this process is quite complicated, requiring a special approach already at the first stage of construction work. First of all, to create outdoor lighting of the house, you need to think about how to properly place the wiring underground and its highways on the surface, as well as determine the number and arrangement of light sources. External light design is almost an art that has gone very far from a lonely bulb above the door. Currently, external lighting includes a huge number of unique ideas and light effects that can make an amazing impression. Not only is it beautiful (external lamps can be used for decorative purposes as an element of the landscape design of the garden), so a sufficient number of light sources placed around the perimeter are made safe and comfortable for moving around the site. Finding a good specialist in the field of light design is difficult, since there are very few of them. But if you managed to find a designer in the light, then he should be able to: • draw up a plan for lighting a house and a site; • keep under control of the work of electricians during work; • connect lighting equipment and adjust its work; • install switches and control panels of the lighting system or control installation work. If the specialist you invited is able to cope with all these tasks, then it remains only to worry about the lamps. It must be remembered that outer lighting does not tolerate poor -quality light products. Choose sealed or waterproof lamps from reliable manufacturers. Lamps for the street are most often placed on pillars of various sizes or on supports. This allows you to increase the efficiency of the light source, as the area of ​​the territory lit by the lantern increases. In a certain way, external lighting visually transforms the architecture of the building. During standard lighting of the site, light sources are exhibited at the main points: along the paved paths (for example, ground lanterns), steps, pond, arbors, large decorative elements of design, entrance doors, windows (light should not beat inside the room, everything should be visible from the inside, everything should be visible, everything what happens outside).

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