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Features of glass wallpaper

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The source material of the glass wallpaper is a fiberglass thread, which is made of quartz sand with the addition of soda, dolomite and lime. The thread in the future intertwines and form. The glass wallpaper is hygienic (do not collect dust, wash), environmentally friendly, have good operational qualities, much better than painting for painting on a foamed vinyl, as more rigid and wear -resistant.

With their help, you can hide any defect in the wall, such as irregularities, cracks. After painting such a canvas, no joints are noticeable. But, unfortunately, they are rather rough to the touch, like glass wool. One-layer (on a paper substrate) are produced.

Rolon length 25 m and width 1 m. They are most often used at industrial facilities and in public buildings. Due to the fact that the wallpaper after staining is crumbled, they are extremely rare in residential premises, sometimes they are glued in the corridor or kitchen. As a rule, glass wallpaper is stained with water -based or acrylic paint applied in two layers. Glass wallpaper can be smooth as a painted wall, or textured.

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