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First washing machine with two drums

by ladynews

Sumsung recently introduced a washing machine that has two doors (in case you want to throw linen into an already washing machine). And the Haier brand decided to present a washing machine with two drums.

The Haier Duo washing machine is the first two -shimmer washing machine in the world. Both drums can work independently of each other. They have different volumes (one drum is about twice as much as the other), which allows you to effectively use the machine, both in the case when you need to wash a lot of linen and one set of sports shape.

The washing machine is equipped with a touch screen and can work in a large number of modes (from washing silk to washing children’s clothing). Moreover, the user will be able to control the machine remotely through Wi-Fi.

The developers managed to significantly reduce the noise of the washing machine, and Haier Duo saves a lot of space and energy. Its dimensions 128x60x60 cm, while it belongs to energy -efficient models. The design of the pillows of drums in the typewriter is able to provide greater care of the fabrics. One omission – only one drum provides drying of things.

At the moment, the model is available only in Germany (at a price of $ 1800).

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