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One of the options for a gas heater

Gas heaters can be used for various purposes. They are indispensable in places where there are no electricity, but there are gas cylinders. Fans of winter fishing, who often use gas heaters, are well known about the importance of this equipment to maintain the necessary temperature inside the tent. The following is the correct choice of a gas heater.

If you have a gas burner, you need to take care of the purchase of a special nozzle, for the manufacture of which a metal mesh is used, which allows you to increase the heat transfer of equipment. This type of heaters uses liquefied gas, perfectly burning at temperatures up to -10 s. Some heaters have the function of heating the cylinders using copper plates. The cylinders are designed for disposable use and are not subject to re -charging.

Gas heaters manufactured by KOVEA, ELEKON and ISH are relatively harmless, with their help you can achieve heating of the tent and not be afraid of carbon monoxide. Although they are not burned with oxygen, they slightly dry the air. The tent must be with a breathing top or a ajar window. In order to replace the cylinders, you need to take them out into the street, which will make it possible to avoid leaks inside the tent. Coleman heaters are produced with a heating plate having a special platinum spraying, thanks to which the gas is almost completely burned by gas, and its release in the small space of the tent does not occur. On platinum, a propane mixture is oxidized, which reacts with oxygen, due to which heat is released. During the use of manufacturers of the above, there were no negative cases.

Based on the operational conditions of the use of the heater, as well as the temperature limits, its power is selected. For example, for tents they most often use cylinders with small sizes, so they do not need special power. Heater with a power of 1, 5 W can heat the middle tent for 5-10 minutes, then you can set up this device for working in weak mode. During heating inside there will be heat.

For the correct choice of a gas heater, you need to take into account some important factors, including the size of the room that you need to warm, as well as temperatures outside. Only taking into account these conditions can you buy the right equipment.

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