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They are wooden or steel half -terriers, upholstered in soft rubber, which is attached with separate ribbons or a continuous strip so that the material goes beyond the edges of 2 cm.

The size of the ironers is 300-1000 mm. A stems are used to smooth the plaster solution. Tools of this type of sheet steel are used in the smoothing of the navigation plaster and iron plaster.

The technique of smoothing using the ironer is produced in two ways. The applied mixture is first leveled with a half, and then in two directions are smoothed with a ironer. On the walls, the solution is first smoothed out in the vertical direction, and then in the horizontal, which allows you to smooth the remaining traces. On the ceilings, leveling is first performed against light, then in the direction of the light flow.


If the tile is laid in the bathroom, then it is necessary to make sure that the tile adhesive is suitable for rooms with high humidity.

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