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by ladynews

A hacksaw is called a narrow manual saw used for sawing metal, bars, boards and slate materials. This cutting tool indispensable in the farm consists of a hacksaw and a handle or frame in which this canvas is attached. A hacksaw cloth – a thermally processed strip of steel with teeth mounted on it, having, as a rule, a triangular shape. The length of the canvas used to work with wooden objects is up to 500 mm, thickness – up to 1.5 mm, a hacksaw, designed to cut the metal, has a length of up to 600 mm and a thickness of up to 2.5 mm.

The design of the hacksaw depends on the type of material for which it is intended. So, for sawing wooden objects use a hacksaw with a wedge -shaped hacksaw cloth, fixed on one side in the handle. A hacksaw designed for cutting metal is a shift hacksaw cloth fixed on both sides into the frame.


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