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How to buy a land plot

by ladynews

Any construction begins with the purchase of a land plot. There may be a lot of problems with this event. It should be borne in mind that in order to get a site with which there are no problems later, it is necessary to first check all the documents that the owner has.

It is quite difficult to imagine that the buyer himself, who does not have a legal education, could understand whether the documents are genuine or not. Therefore, it is much better if he appeals to professionals in this area. At the moment, many agencies can help buy a land plot.

In addition to non -mediocre documents for the site, it is necessary to ask the seller to prove that they are registered in a neuropsychiatric dispensary. Otherwise, the transaction may be terminated. Since people who are registered cannot independently dispose of such property.

It is also worth trying to find out why the owner decided to sell the land plot. When applying for a transaction, the buyer must receive a project to the planning of the territory, as well as the entire design documentation, which is approved from agreed in all relevant authorities.

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