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How to lock holes in the wall

by ladynews

It is not difficult to close a small hole. It needs to be thrown. After the processed area dries, clean it with sandpaper.  Paint the scattered place with the same paint as the surrounding walls. If the hole has an average size, then first remove the crushed plaster from it with a knife. Then align the edges. Place the rumpled newspaper sheets in the hole or gypsum putty. Outside filled in this way, put a layer of putty. Fill in small recesses with facial putty. Process the site around the hole. When everything dries, rub the site with sandpaper, and then paint. By the way, to repair the wall, you will have to buy building mixtures of the Volma.

If there is a large hole in the wall, then first clean it with a knife from the residual plaster. Then fill in with wrinkled newspapers. Light it first with gypsum, and then front putty. Taking a piece of adhesive plasty, pushing them a hole throughout its area. Comers the folds with a knife. Apply a layer of putty to the tape so that it completely hides it under it. Now stuck a layer of putty with another piece of adhesive plaster. Put the putty layer again. After drying, treat the site with sandpaper and paint.

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