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How to make walls with panels

by ladynews

You can mount a phylene -type wall panels yourself and at home. Their installation is quite simple if you adhere to several simple rules recommended by specialists.

For work, you will need ready wooden panels, roulette, alcohol level, hacksaw, glue, syringe-dositor and saw for cutting at an angle. You will also need high -quality lumber at competitive prices. Previously, you need to dismantle all the existing old skirting boards, and cut the new ones to the required length and put them on glue. Their horizontality is checked using an alcohol level. In this case, the upper edge of the skirting boards should also have the same width, so it is recommended to even trim them a little if necessary. Further by which the panel is applied to one of the sides. She herself is inserted into the slot, which is available in the upper edge of the baseboard, and then pressed tightly against the wall. To connect the panels, planks are used. They are processed with glue and attached to the wall near the previously installed panel.

Then you have to wait until the glue dries a little. When its composition grabs, the gaps between the panels are closed. You can finish the finishes of the panels at your discretion and taste.

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