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How to paint the walls correctly

by ladynews

To start painting walls, first you need to tear off the old paint, if it is not, then you can immediately begin. If the walls are wooden, then you need to naturally use wood paint, and if concrete, then you can use ordinary paint.

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Paint a wooden wall, unlike concrete, you can without degreasing. It is better to paint both walls with a roller, so the paint will go more evenly. Wooden walls need to be painted in three layers, each of them should be thinner than the previous. Concrete walls require degreasing, most often degreased with a solution of powder, and then with alcohol or solvent. It is necessary to start painting only after the degreasing solutions are completely dried up. The concrete walls are painted in two layers, the first layer is thin, and the second is slightly thinner and it is applied after the first layer is completely dried.

The paint should dry for at least three days, only through this period of time the paint will completely dry out. The concrete wall must be painted every five years or after the paint begins to climb. If you paint the walls correctly, then they will last you for many years.

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