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How to plaster the house

by ladynews

Purvation of dwellings is necessary to defend it from atmospheric criteria and decoration. Decorating plaster will be able to transform the room, add individuality and luxury to it.

To achieve the desired result, subsequent materials are important: plaster, roller, brush, grater, nails, plumb line and much more.

The start of affairs, let’s say in everything, comes with the cleansing of the plane. Garbage, dust, mud from the wall are removed. If the house is brick, it will be necessary to arrange a chisel in advance. They are made at distance up to 50 mm, 5 mm deep. Then the beacons are installed and the vertical of the walls are checked along the check. A nail is clogged into the upper corner to the thickness of the planned plaster. This thickness is often equated with 20 mm. Next, the nail is driven in the last lower corner of the exacting under the closely drove a nail at the top. The same technique also drives 2 nails into the remaining 2 corners. The rope is pulled over the nails and it is connected between them. The driven nails are required to be in a certain plane on which the landmark will become in the plaster applied.

Closing on driven nails, lighthouses are placed similarly from nails or saturated cement. The distance between the beacons is approximately 150 m. In short, it depends entirely on the size of deeds and your skills.

Dry plaster is kneaded until a homogeneous mass is obtained. More applicable plaster is lime-cement (cement, lime, sand). Lime makes this mixture plastic and promotes the long preservation of scientific and technical qualities. Less profitable plaster – cement. It is not so plastic and quickly loses its fitness for styling.

Finally, apply the previous layer of plaster. Dry wall is desirable to moisturize with water. Then, with the help of a trowel, they throw lumps of plaster on the wall, focusing on the height of the beacons. Approximately 1 square m, abandoned by plaster, you need to leve over the beacons with a half. With all this, the evenness of the plane is controlled. Plaster is added in the recesses, in the ledges it is removed.

The entire wall is also thrown by the method, step by step 1 square meter. The corners of the building are aligned with a wood plate, pressing it at the level of lighthouses.

After plastering, with an iron trowel, it is necessary to arrange a wave -like 5 millimeter gaps at a distance of 5 centema. 1 from another. These gaps were necessary for the stability of the clutch of the future finishing layer.

In a week, a finishing decorating layer of plaster is applied to about 15 mm. The composition of the coloring plaster, let’s say the main. It has every chance to add dyes and other materials, for example: glass, gravel, marble baby. In this regard, the plane of the processed wall may be smooth and embossed.

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