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Installation of metal -plastic windows with your own hands

by ladynews

Modern windows are complex engineering structures that have many components: – double -glazed window – parallel glass, separated with the help of a distance frame and connected by sealant; – the profile is plastic or wooden, etc. D. beams from which the frames and sash of the window are assembled. The most famous of the profile systems are Rehau, Plafen, Veka, Que, Gealan, Thyssen and so on; – fittings (loop, opening and locking system). The most famous of the systems of accessories are Roto, Ziegenia – aubi, Mako, GU and others; – ebb, slope, window sill; – the installation and installation system of windows, most of all determines the final quality of the installation and operation of the windows. Installation and installation of plastic windows is the most important stage of their purchase and installation. 80% of the complaints in St. Petersburg are to install and do the installation of the window. And if an illiterate installation is made, the installation seam, the cold in your apartment, sagging the sash and so on will be blown. It is necessary to install and install windows, taking into account GOST 30971. “The seam of the installation node of the adjacent of the window block to the wall opening” among its basic requirements: – first of all, the windows should be installed smoothly. Vertical deviation, horizontal and front should be no more than 1, 5 mm, one meter of structure, however, no more than 3 mm. for a whole structure. – In addition, the windows should be firmly fixed. Fastening is carried out on an anchor dowel and anchor plate. Each fastening point should be located at a distance of 150 – 180 mm from the corner, and the subsequent step is 700 mm (for white PVC structure). The windows should be installed on the support block from the bottom and have spacer blocks on the sides. – After all this, installation seams are locked. Thus, waterproofing, vapor barrier is ensured, thermal extensions of the windows and the possibility of breeding accumulated moisture are compensated for. Given GOST 30971, installation seams should be three -layer. And only such seams will be durable and will not require alterations. The mounting seam should be 15-60 mm. If less, then the windows will turn out to be curved during their thermal expansion, if more, then the fastening is lost in strength.

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