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Installation of open wiring

by ladynews

To carry out the installation of open electrical wiring, you must first prepare everything you need:

– electrical cable.

– pipes, corrugations, etc.D.

– corners and other accessories for cable channels.

– screwdriver.

– Measuring devices.

Of course, how to fix the cable on the wall here is not difficult, and if the wire is also elastic, this will greatly facilitate working with it. If the wire is too flexible, then it needs to be fixed more often. By the way, now many began to order cottages to order this service inexpensive.

If a special wire is used during installation, which has a twist, it is better to use special insulators for fixing.

Today, cable channels and corrugations are used very often for the installation of wiring, it now looks aesthetically pleasing.

This method of fastening is the simplest today, here the cable needs to be laid inside the channel and attached in the right place. To fix this type of channels, you can use screws or drill the back wall.

This mount has its advantages:

– Reliable protection against damage.

– protection against illegal connections.

– you can hide the excess wires in the channel.

– you can use a metal corrugation.

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