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Mosquito nets on the windows Moscow

by ladynews

Today, the assortment of mosquito nets includes a huge number of names – anti -cash, conventional against insects, anti -vandal and even antipolis, and they can be installed both on windows and on the door in a variety of performance. You can purchase mosquito grids for the windows of Moscow in many specialized salons involved in the installation of windows, installation of mosquito nets and adjusting window fittings.

For example, for installing the Antikoshka mesh, the main attention is paid to direct installation. The strength of the grid itself allows you to withstand the targeted jump even a dog, but calm to the owners is guaranteed only if the installation was made reliable components with full compliance with the installation technology. Some buyers believe that a new mosquito net can only be installed on a new window. This is wrong. Installation of a mosquito net is possible on any type of window – plastic, wooden, aluminum, and their age does not matter. Experts will install a grid of any type and at the same time leave the window itself intact, which does not always succeed in self -installation due to the lack of experience and special tools.

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