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Natural stone as a floor covering – choose your

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Natural stone was popular as a floor covering in the past and remains in fashion today. One of the significant reasons for such love for the material is its naturalness. Today, this quality is especially valued, because we entered in an era when a person begins to understand the harm of synthetic substances from which artificial materials are produced. But even without this advantage, natural stone is able to win a competition with any other flooring.

Natural stone is extracted from natural sources, and therefore it is unique and has a colorfulness and texture granted to it by nature. As each person is individual, the stones differ from each other. In addition to the general characteristics for all types of natural stone, such as strength, durability and beauty, each specific type of stone has its additional features.  Let’s take a look at the most popular stones that are used to cover the floor.


You can often find slate on the roofing market in the form of a slate. Natural slate are layers of shale, which are obtained during the splitting of rocks. Shteta can also be found in the market of floor tiles. The denser a sheet of shale, the higher its cost. Slender floors are usually dark and well withstand intensive movement, so they are usually installed in corridors, on stairwells and kitchen. Among the stone floors, shale can be the cheapest, although in modern conditions a brand of products also plays a large role in the price.


Travertin, which in appearance is often confused with marble or limestone, is also popular as a flooring. Travertin floors on the Internet are sometimes called fragile and belittled for the benefit of marble or granite, but we recall that the Trevi fountain in Rome is made of travertine and has been in the preservation for 300 years. Travertin is a sedimentary rock, and it is softer than the limestone related to it. It is almost impossible to make travertine shine, but, as soon as it settles and turns as a surface of the floor, its natural ugliness will manifest, which will give a pleasant feeling of heat, impossible to convey with other materials. The disadvantage of the material is his tendency to scratches and spots, although in many houses and apartments he “lives” without complaints for many years in kitchens, in the corridors, in baths and even in residential premises.


Marble floors are considered a special luxury. In ancient times, all kings and kings ordered themselves floors from marble, and today they are also available to you.  The disadvantage of marble is its tendency to form spots and scratches, but this stone has its own character and therefore it remains on the pedestal of honor among natural materials. Marble is a more complex material than, for example, the mentioned travertine mentioned above, so he may need special attention. In addition, the marble floor is better to seal, as it absorbs water. Kitchen, bathroom, corridor and any other room will win by installing a marble floor.  You can buy marble or granite on the website of AgeofStonenatural-Stone-this is the store “Stone Era” in Kyiv.


Granite floors are most likely the hardest. No other stone can maintain its luster so well and reject water as granite. But this is a stick about the two -edges. Due to its strength and shine, the material seems cold and to the touch is such.  With all these properties, granite can be useful in the corridor, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom, although when using it they often resort to warm floors or rugs.


Limestone is similar to travertine, but it becomes tougher and becomes even tougher over time. Some experts note that in limestone flooring can be the most acceptable for your home, due to the elasticity of the material. Limestone may look like a tree. He has high vitality, but he absorbs water. In corridors, in kitchens and in baths, you can use stone tiles of limestone.


Sandstone floors are extremely elastic, but among the assortment of natural tiles for the floor there are quite few color options. Floors are used, both in residential premises and in the kitchen, in the bathroom or corridor.

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