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Polyvinyl chloride panels

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Various materials are used to clad the facades of buildings. Recently, polyvinyl chloride panels have been popular. They are designed to decorate the facades and are optimal from a practical point of view: easy to install and do not require additional care.


This is not the main, but indisputable advantage of plastic panels. PVC – the panels immediately look great, so they can save on paint and varnish. This does not mean that the panels cannot be painted. You just can immediately choose the necessary design, which can be very diverse: for brickwork, natural stone, wooden panels, “lining”, a fight and so on, including completely extravagant options, with prints and drawings.

The ease of installation

Installation does not require high qualifications. The panel is attached to the main load -bearing design using latch systems and nails.

As in operation?

Polyvinyl chloride panels look very neat and do not require special care. It is enough to rinse them with water from the hose a couple of times a month, and the facade will always be like a new! The panels are painted according to special deep penetration technology, and therefore are not at all afraid of scratches and cracks. All structural elements fit tightly to each other and do not pass moisture inward.

Insulation? Easily!

You can additionally insulate the house by gluing the layer of isolates on the outer wall and closing on top with plastic panels. Agree, a good solution for the harsh Russian winter. Polyvinyl chloride perfectly retains heat, creating another, additional, layer of protection.

For the basement of the facades

For this part, special “basement” PVC panels are produced. They are as diverse in design as the main wall panels. By independently selecting the appropriate version of the “Tsol-Fasad” set you will feel like an artist of your home. In order to save money, you can choose fragments of the facade for decoration: pediments, attic roofs and so on.

For a successful business

PVC panels can serve as excellent finishing materials for both residential buildings and office premises: shopping centers, shops, bars and so on. We can say that this is ideal for attracting customers.


In favor of PVC – panels, their extremely low cost speaks.

Summing up, we can say that PVC – panels are beauty, convenience, durability and low price. The perfect combination!

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