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Redevelopment and tuning of the kitchen

by ladynews

Graceful tuning.

The mistress of a small but cozy apartment as a whole is happy with her home, with the exception of morally outdated cuisine. The new layout with elegant “tuning” has changed the dull 11-meter space beyond recognition.

1. To delete the old floor from PVC, I had to use a stripper. By that time, a new wiring plan was already agreed upon.

2. After the floor was thoroughly sprinkled and prepared for putty is applied to it…

3. A primer layer to strengthen the old base and binding the remaining dust particles.

4. A self -leveling putty mass is used as a new floor base.

5. After its hardening, the entire area of ​​the floor is treated with a disk grinding machine.

6. Plots along the walls that do not get a grinder are cleaned with a scraper or knife.

The owner of a compact apartment has long dreamed of repairing. A few years ago, the living room was converted, but the kitchen was still the same as 40 years ago: inexpressive floor, cheap furniture, obsolete equipment. The new kitchen space was seen stylish and technological. At the same time, I wanted not only to change the interior, but also to preserve the L-shaped shape of the working surface, improving its technical equipment. A significant disadvantage of the old kitchen was the unsuccessful location of the stove in the immediate vicinity of the cabinets.

In the new kitchen, the oven was placed above the countertops, and the hob of the slab at a certain distance from the cabinet, creating freedom for maneuver during cooking. The place freed from high cabinets was taken by a stylish hood – beautiful and functional.

7. For better adhesion of the flooring with the floor, the base will be vacuum once again

8. For flat laying of the coating through the center of the room, auxiliary lines are carried out to the walls

9. After that, a gear spatula with the marking of the TVC A2 apple on the floor

10. The spaces of the intersection of double auxiliary lines laid the first row of vinyl sheets

eleven. The sheets are laid exactly along the line and carefully fixed at the joints, covering the floor surface

12. Lastly, in advance cut sheets are finished with areas near the walls. At the junction of the floor..

13. and walls with a dragging tool press the joints of sheets into the adhesive base

14. Put the flooring, moving from the first row to the center…

15.  … In this case, the glue strip should not be wider than two rows of vinyl elements

16. When applying glue to the base, you need to try not to stain the edges of the already laid sheets to them

17. The joints “roll” the joints once again, while the glue should not appear on the surface

18. The joints between the floor and the walls are decorated with skirting boards that require accurate fitting

19.  The skirting board to the color of the coating with a glued vinyl strip forms a “monolithic floor”

20. After laying the flooring, they move to the kitchen itself: the L-shaped form is already guessed in the case of cabinets

21. The four -meter countertop is transported to the kitchen through the window or up the stairs

22. It turned out to be completely difficult to turn around in the kitchen with a huge half-butt, but this is a matter of professionalism

23. After installing the countertop, holes for washing and columns by the window are cut into cabinets of the lower row. All this is better to do on the spot

24. After installing and sealing the kitchen sink, you can fix the countertop with bolts

25. After that, a facing panel is installed on the end wall, and along it – a working surface with a width of 80 cm

26. To the left of the door is placed a refrigerator, which is closed with decorative panels

27. Old belts of external blinds have worked out their age, so the sunsemble products supply the intra -vibration engine

28. For this, the old wooden cornice is quickly and easily removed. The drive of the blinds is carried out…

29. …Using an intra -winding engine located inside a special metal

thirty. …After fastening the side bearings and laying an electric cable, they are again installed in a box for roller

31. With the help of three stable linings that are attached on the cornice, the blinds are connected to a metal cornice

32. After connecting to electricity, the blinds are controlled by a simple click of a button or from a remote control

33. Double roller blinds were chosen as sunscreen…

34. …which are simply inserted into wall clips screwed at the ceiling

35. Blinds can fall, rise or fix at any height

36. Due to the double layer of the blinds, the window can be completely closed or pass the light

37. Left – completely closed blinds, on the right – the most open

Size matters

The non -standard size of the kitchen cabinets of the lower row – instead of the usual width (60 cm), a step 120 cm was chosen – visually expanded the cramped kitchen. Spectacular L-shaped working surface has become more elegant. They decided to choose a suitable flooring for new furniture: warm, easy to care and modern material. According to the designer, the flooring was to be in harmony with the working surface. The owner of the apartment opted for vinyl flooring. But the same as to lay it, I had to carefully put the old floor. The new floor consists of a large -format space real style unity.

Beautiful sunscript

During the repair, the problems of shading were also resolved. The hostess dreamed of installing decorative systems of sunscript on both windows and automate external blinds to get rid of old worn belts. The first step was the replacement of the blinds’ cornice and the installation of an intra -winding electric motor, which is controlled by one click of a button or using a remote control panel. It is also easy, albeit without the help of electricity, you can control the inner blinds – so -called double roeles and, which outwardly much more attractive than the single.



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