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Remote walls made of wood

by ladynews

As a rule, low walls are built from wood, since they are not able to withstand heavy loads. For this, logs and bars of strong and moisture -resistant wood are mainly used – aspen, pine, cedar, oak, larch. The size of logs or timber is chosen depending on the height of the wall.

For example, a log 1.5 m long and 150 mm in diameter is suitable for a meter. Non -standard walls are created from bamboo stems, segments of thin trunks, as well as wooden or wire boxes. Of course, wooden structures are less durable and durable than concrete or brick. The most vulnerable part of the structure is the place of contact of the tree with the soil.

But you can extend the life of the structure. Wood is impregnated with protective compositions. The lower part before installation is treated with bitumen. And a layer of waterproofing, such as roofing material and pillars are laid between the soil and the pillars.


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