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Self -installation of baguettes

by ladynews

Baguettes (ceiling skirting boards) is a stylish and functional solution for the design of the ceiling. What are the nuances when choosing baguettes in the store? The lower the ceiling, the thinner should be the baguettes. And, on the contrary, wide products are suitable for high ceilings. The strips should be chosen even, clean and without mechanical damage. In order to correctly calculate the number of baguits when buying, it is necessary to measure the total length of the elements along the wall and take into account the allowances on the angular joints. A variety of shapes, colors and decorative textures will allow you to choose baguettes for any style in the interior. You will also need an aerated concrete UDK for repair.

Baguettes can be mounted on a dry, clean and predetermined surface. After preparing surfaces, you can start directly installation. To do this, you need two types of glue: mounting (necessary for connecting elements to the wall) and glue for joints (so that the strips are held together). Apply glue with a continuous line along the entire length of the bar, carefully attach it to the ceiling and wall. Process the side sides with docking glue and fix the planks among themselves. Further baguettes can be painted, approximately a day after installation.

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