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Sellers of apartments do not want to reduce prices

by ladynews

Cheap housing from the secondary housing market in Minsk is now in high demand, however, in response to such a demand of buyers, real estate sellers are in no hurry to lower prices. The average market value of concluded contracts for the sale of residential apartments on the Minsk secondary by 13 percent lower than the average cost of supply.

This is reported by experts of the News Center “Your Capital”. Experts note that judging by the situation, cheaper housing options are in demand, and in this case, bidding take place.

The information of the National Cadastral Agency indicates that in November 2011 the average cost of supply from the secondary of Minsk was about $ 1390 per 1 m2, and the average cost of concluded agreements for the purchase and sale of apartments in November amounted to $ 1207 per 1 m2.

And, despite the current situation, requiring reduction in apartments, sellers are still in no hurry with this. At the same time, realtors report that over the past six months the average cost. meter of housing is within the boundaries of 1360-1390 dollars.

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