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Several recommendations for laying tiles from ceramics

by ladynews

Nowadays, several instructions with the work on ceramic tiles, which should be observed to obtain the highest requirements for the result of the result. To begin with, at the first time, laying work should be thoroughly washed from dust, traces of glue, an oil blond or old paint, on which the laying of a plastry stone will be on. Thus, you will achieve the highest level when clutching tiles with a wall, ceiling or floor. Next, do not forget to carefully check this surface on unevenness, convexity, or, of course, hollows. All discovered bumps should be leveled and covered with a special emulsion, which increases strength and maximally aligning the base, and also significantly increasing the fastening of the solution with the concrete surface.

The facing base is required to withstand high load. The acquired ceramic tiles should be thoroughly washed from traces of the packaging and residues of the protective paraffin, which is usually applied to protect against damage during the transportation of tiles. There is another rather important condition that is based on the fact that the styling work should only be done with a good level of lighting.

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