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Skyscraper is like a whole city

by ladynews

The main idea of ​​this proposal is to create a skyscraper that could be like a city. This combines the density and bright life of the modern city with the calmness of the suburbs. The central part of the structure is conceived as a city, where offices, trade, entertainment, and the transportation areas will be located. The growing system of vertical transportation will transmit all levels without the need of cars. Residential modules will be located in the edges of the structure. These modules are large and resemble life in the suburbs; Some of them will even have external gardens entering the city.The structure of the skyscraper is made of a particular and steel nucleus, while structural leather is primarily steel structures that follow such a cell with a sample, which takes into account large gaps that place residential modules. Large discoveries will be used for entertainment parks and other recreation areas. The main works in the process of installing building structures are: slinging products, its vertical lifting, moving products and installation to the appropriate design position.

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