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The drainage of the foundation

by ladynews

The drainage is designed to solve two problems at once: it reduces the moisture content of the soil near the foundation of the house and protects the basement from dampness. Sometimes during the construction of the house, the owners are limited only to waterproofing of the basement. But the waterproofing of the foundation and drainage – technologies are completely non -interchangeable.

The drainage of the house contributes to the timely drainage of water from the foundation of the structure, which eliminates the pressure on existing waterproofing.

Drainage device

For a drainage device, a trench is digging around the house, at a distance of about 1 m from the foundation. The drainage should always be deepened below the foundation. The trench is rummaged through such a width that a drainage pipe with a diameter of 110 mm and around it are placed and 10 cm crushed stone and around it. Total will need approximately 300 mm. It is important to observe a slope level of 1 cm for every 2 meters of pipe. This can be achieved using the appropriate sand embankment.

Pipes and their laying

Draining pipes can be bought special, they have cuts on the sides, or you can make these incisions on your own. Plastic sewer pipes are usually used.

Before laying the pipes, the trench is lined with a layer of geotextiles, then covered with a crushed stone 10 cm thick. Now drainage pipes are laid in a prepared trench. Sprinkle all this with a layer of crushed stone of 10 cm and cover the finished “pie” with the ends of geotextiles. The last layer of the drainage trench is covered with fertile soil. If you are going to plant anything at this place, then its height should be at least half a meter. In places of joints of pipes, it is necessary to provide viewing wells in order to control the condition of the drainage through them. Experts recommend rinse the drainage system through these wells about once every 2-3 years.   Of course, the end of the entire drainage system can be directed outside the site, so that the water drains there. But if you are still worried about the environmental purity of our planet, then you should take care of the water intake or, in other words, a drainage well. It takes up a little space and practically merges with the common landscape. In its design, this is an ordinary pit lined with the same geotextile and covered with stones and soil. Water from the drain well can be used in the summer for watering the garden. Some prefer to use the pump pumping water. In the same drainage well, the water of the storm sewer can also be directed. With a reliable drainage system you can be calm that groundwater will not bother you for many years.

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