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The interior of the site

by ladynews

Dry 1 smooth forms and lush flower beds

Inexpressive lawn and a narrow path from the plates, which runs along the wall of the house, make this section about 10 acres with a slightly boring. If part of the path is expanded to the size of a small terrace, the garden will acquire completely different outlines. The terrace laid out of gray concrete slabs of the same size and color that the path is laid out will look perfect. But this is not fundamentally, for the terrace you can use lighter stoves made of stone.

On the site of the garden between the stairs and the garden house, the lawn was removed and covered this place with gravel.

Tip: The smaller the stones fraction, the denser and more convenient to walk the surface. On the newly created platform there is a corner for relaxation from the wood resistant to adverse weather conditions.

In the new flower beds laid down on the border of plates and lawn, there is a place for hydrangea, decorative herbs, ts of berry and floral perennials. An important criterion for the selection of plants was their unpretentiousness and the duration of flowering. White hydrangea ‘The Bride’, the yellow cuff is soft, purple-blue geranium ‘Rozanne’ and the meadow is twofold ‘Tardiflora’ create a harmonious composition. Interspersed “balls” of the berry Tisa creates a pole of calm in flower beds. Tulip varieties ‘angelique’ thin, similar to the smell of roses aroma.

A hedge of an evergreen boxwood on the left and to the right of the garden house, being reduced green, is formed as a wave. Sanswit needs regular pruning, which is carried out several times a year. The location of the hedge directly in the flower garden creates some intrigue and makes a variety in the design of the garden. White Star Flowers Brunners of Bright -Literary ‘Betty Bowring’ appear in late April – early May and form a spectacular white border along the edge of the flower garden. Chinese wisteria, conquering the walls and roof of a garden house, can withstand only short frosts up to -20 ° C, because this liana needs to be sheltering for the winter. For this, the plant is removed from the support.

Tip: for shelter, the optimal length of the plant should not exceed 2 m.

List of plants:

File anemone (anemone tomentosa) ‘Robustissima ‘; 15 copies.

Sanshit evergreen (Buxus Sempervirens); 32 copies.

Large hydrangea (Hydrangea Macrophylla) Endless Summer ‘The Bride’; 5 copies.

Tulip Terry (Angelique); Bulbs are planted in the fall; 150 copies.


Soft cuff (alchemilla mollis); 36 copies.

Chinese glycine (wisteria sinensis); 1 cop.

Luga hybrid geranium (Granium Pratense x Hybrida) ‘Rozanne’; 10 copies.

Turning Lugovik (Deschampsia cespitosa) “Tardiflora”; 7 copies.

Brunner large -leaved (Brunerra Macrophylla) “Betty Bowring”; 42 copies.

Sedumtelephium. 14 copies.

Offer 2 Country Sad in Mini format

In this version of the design, the site was divided into four zones, as is often done in a village kindergarten. The paved crosses of the path of gravel converge in the center of the site, where the garden obelisk conquers the pink climbing rose ‘jasmina’. New paths are laid instead of the old paths from the plates.

In one of the four parts of the garden, the lawn coating was replaced with a pavement with gravel and the garden furniture was installed here. A spacious container with trellis, located near the wall of the house, “sheltered” Aristolocheted large -leaved. Its pubescent heart -shaped leaves can reach 30 cm in diameter. In an ensemble with other “Verkholas” – a repair, climbing rose ‘jasmina’, nasturtium and fragrant peas, planted in large clay pots – aristolochia creates an atmosphere of comfort in the corner for relaxation.

In the flower garden, in front of the garden house, luxurious pink hats of inflorescences are demonstrated by grassy peonies ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ opposite them are stretching on wooden supports of fragrant peas and nasturtium is large, which is actively multiplying by self -sustaining. Behind the supports with these annual vines, at the end of the gravel path, a small bench is installed, on which it is nice to sit and enjoy the view of the garden.

In the right front of the site, high beds with vegetable plants are laid, salad, beets and carrots, as well as spicy herbs.

White hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ and Kalina Carles complement a small lawn in the left front of the garden site. The company these plants are a hybrid host ‘Francee’ with purple flowers and a white -color Volzhanka. Iberis was planted in the left side of the garden, an evergreen, and in the right soap, the basilicolist.

List of plants:

Pion of milk flowing (Paeonia lactiflora) ‘Sarah Bernhardt’; 6 copies.

Large nasturtium (Tropaeolum Majus); seeds in a mixture of tall varieties; 1 pack.

Weaved rose ‘jasmina’; pre -flowering; 2 copies.

Fragrant peas (Lathyrus odratus); Seeds in a mixture of varieties of the Cuthbertson Floribunda group; 1 pack.

Aristolochia of the coarse (Aristolochia Macrophylla); 2 copies.

Basilicivate soap, reaches 15 cm in height and forms colorful dense “pillows”. Pink flowers appear on plants in May.

Iberis evergreen (Iberis Sempervirens); 35 copies.

Basilicovid soap (saponaria oocymoides); 35 copies.

Hydrangea arborescens) ‘Annabelle’; 2 copies.

Dioecious Volzhanka (Aruncus dioicus); 5 copies.

Hosta hybrid (Hosta x Hybrida) ‘francee’; 10 copies.

Kalina Carles (Viburnum Carlesii); 1 cop.

Rhubarb; 1 cop.

Seedlings of vegetable crops


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