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The reasons for the failure of the air conditioner

by ladynews

Typically, modern air conditioners have been working for at least a few years. They almost always come out of the system if all the recommendations for their operation or installation do not follow. More often they fail through incomplete evaporation from the consumiser of the refrigerant. This happens through untimely cleaning of filters. Then the quality of the blowing of the radiator of the internal unit decreases, and icing appears on the pipeline, and if the device is turned off, it boils. All this and the incorrect cooling of the room leads to the replacement of freon in the system.

Very bad if a liquid freon is partially left in the evaporator. After all, he enters the air conditioning compressor and works in extreme mode, then the system can fail completely.

It is also very bad if the refrigerant leak occurs, and it is very difficult to detect. The leak occurs at a low speed, and the air conditioner works until the pressure of the freon is in the system, much less than the minimum and permissible by the norms.

Leakage is through improper installation of air conditioning or damage in pipelines. Therefore, it is better that the installation and maintenance of air conditioners is carried out by experts.

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