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The use of universal building mixtures and the choice of the manufacturer

by ladynews

Dry building mixtures is a construction solution option. This is a material that consists of a binder and sand. Some simple solutions consist of one binder, and complex ones – of several. For example, there are sand-cement mixtures, but there are cement-ledge-sand mixtures.  Ultimately, the main components are a binder and aggregate. At the construction site, water is added to this mixture, which in this combination becomes a hardener, and it turns a dry mix first into porridge, and then this porridge hardens, performing its function for a given purpose.

There are different construction mixtures, and all of them are used with different purposes. Dry mixture M150, for example, are used for mounting, plastering and masonry work. The mixture of the M-200 is also used for panting, as well as for light foundations or processing of seams between reinforced concrete slabs or paving slabs. There are other brands, each of which is intended for its task.

Construction mixtures can be different, even if they are indicated by the same brand. Because all manufacturers use different materials. Not like if some of them used sand, while others have something else. They all have sand in the sand -cement mixture, but the quality of this sand varies. And at the same time, all other properties of the finished material and the convenience of its application are also varyed.

Universal dry mixtures are used for various repair work, both in private construction and in commercial. If the material is needed in small quantities, then the finished construction mixture is used and it is usually called “Universal”. Large firms that need a lot of material mix the ingredients on the spot on their own.

Choosing a construction mixture for certain works, you can focus on the description of its application on the packaging or in the store catalog. Let us give an example. The mixture of M150 “Finstroy” in the store of the cement-rostal has its own characteristics, which are described in the product card. Firstly, the manufacturer indicates that it belongs to the class of inexpensive mixtures; Secondly, pays attention to the fact that it can withstand low temperature, does not crack and is optimally balanced in components. The table with technical characteristics exactly makes it clear where and for what purpose it will be appropriate to apply this mixture, well, if it is difficult for you to navigate such characteristics, there are clear instructions on the places of use. This can be designated as a black plaster, pouring the floor screed, grinding gaps between reinforced concrete slabs, foundations of low -rise construction, etc.P.

The mixtures, as a rule, also write a way to use and dilution with water.

In the same store, the cement-rostal has mixes of other manufacturers, for example, Besto and Lafarzh. The characteristics, technical features, places of use and the method of use are also spelled out for them.

If something confuses you in the mixture, or if you want to determine which manufacturer makes a better mixture without other people’s tips, study the composition in detail. The composition for such purposes is studied thoroughly: which brand Portland cement was used, by which GOST they made it; what quality sand and where it is brought from, as well as its size. If there are impurities, then what and for what they were used. The work is scrupulous, but if you want to thoroughly study the market offers – this option is better than tips on the forums. Forums also help, but there are fake comments that promote a particular brand. There are liquid examples of use when real people praise a particular manufacturer, but this does not prove that another manufacturer is worse. So, to the question of which mixture you can answer only you yourself, having studied the composition and opinions of other people and determining the “winner” as part of your own needs. But by asking users of the network or stores of stores about brands of building mixtures, do not forget to clarify for which purpose you need a mixture and in what conditions you will work – this will allow people to more accurately answer your question.

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