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by ladynews

Of course, many have probably heard about the insulation of the attic attempts. In turn, the design feature of the attic roof consists of rafters, which are located directly from the inside of the roof. In order to insulate the attic, it is necessary to apply a layer of heat -insulating material. The layers of insulation in itself will be a kind of strip between the warm room and the cold from the outside.

It should also be known that the insulation consists of several layers, namely, at first, sheet material is applied (distillation or drywall). After that, there is a layer of vapor barrier, and as this element is a plastic film with a thickness of 0.2 millimeters. The film will not directly allow the condensate from the inside of the roof, but besides this, it is necessary to apply the third layer, namely a layer of insulation. As a heater, you can take a stone cotton wool of low density. In turn, this insulation has good heating qualities. In addition, thanks to the structure of the insulation, it serves in addition to everything as sound -absorbing material, thereby reduces the noise, for example, falling rain.

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