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Toutful lamps for ceilings

by ladynews

The common name of such lamps is “points”, they are divided into rotary and non -expenses. The first type of lamps has an external part executed in the form of mobile reinforcement, plus to this, it is possible to direct the flows of light in the necessary direction. Excessive lamps only allow you to illuminate a certain section of the room. As a rule, lamps are attached to metal profiles. In addition, lamps are mounted without problems in furniture supplied by a furniture store Rostov, drywall structures and ceilings. Party lamps are designed for use with halogen lamps, and conventional with an incandescent thread.

The plus of halogen lamps is that when installation it is allowed to lower the ceiling to several centimeters, which is very convenient if the room has a low ceiling. Difficulties when using lamps with halogen are manifested only when the lamps are replaced. You need to remove the fixing glass. In addition, spotlights are also used with conventional incandescent lamps covered with mirror spraying to prevent overheating of lamps and increase light output.

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