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Various types of saunas and baths

by ladynews

Wash with high temperature and steam strong in many world cultures.

There are several types of baths around the world.

And although they have the general meaning of them – to wash, cleanse, the methods that are achieved are different.

Russian bath

The most close to us in spirit, the Russian bath has a very deep story and its traditions. Earlier, the Russian bathhouse was two types – white and black.

In the bathhouse “in black” stood stoves without a chimney-smoke went out either through the door or through a special hole. And today there are fans of this ancient tradition, but there are less and less of them every day.

The temperature in the Russian bath is from 60 to 70 degrees, usually a lot of steam. Among the traditions are the use of brooms during washing, which occurs right in the sauna, and the expansion of the couple – watering with a special stove with water, digestive decoction, beer or kvass.

Various traditions of baths

Bath – long -standing human weakness Finnish sauna

The radical difference between the Finnish sauna and all the others is a very high temperature – up to 100 degrees. Which, however, is usually easily tolerated. This happens because in the Finnish bath traditionally there is practically no pair – only hot air.

By tradition, brooms are not used in the sauna – instead of them you can use a towel or sheet with aromatic oils. Turkish hammam

Turkish view of the bathhouse popular in the Middle East. It differs from the European tradition by a large amount of steam and relatively low, as for a bath, temperature – about 60 degrees.

A traditional Turkish bathhouse is a whole complex with good masseurs relaxing gatherings for tea and backgammon, bathing in pools. Japanese Santo

The Far Eastern view of the bath is very different from the European. Firstly, the Japanese have a whole ceremony of bathing in the bath. Like everything else, the Japanese in the bathhouse are very seriously and carefully protect their “paired” traditions.

The process of swimming in the bathhouse of the Japanese itself begins with a thorough laundering in the shower. Only a well -washed Japanese can swim in a bathhouse.

Japanese bathhouse has a pool with very hot water. There are also special barrels in which the Japanese are immersed. The very hot water of the Japanese is called Furo, this is what they sometimes call the baths themselves.

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