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It is very important, when carrying out the repair or reconstruction of the office, to provide for the acquisition or replacement of the ventilation system. The simplest and least costly way is the purchase of air conditioners. But to choose the right air conditioner, you need to know some parameters. Power should be at the rate of 1 kW per 10 m, at the height of the ceiling up to 3 m. If the office windows are on the sunny side, the calculation of power should be increased by 20%.

The power of the air conditioner consumed on average is three times less than the cooling power, therefore, in order to avoid overloading on the network, it is necessary to consider this parameter when buying an office air conditioner. This is especially true for inverter air conditioners. Many people believe that air conditioners not only cool, but also ventilate air, but this is not so. This ability is only in channel air conditioners. And it is advisable to install exactly such split systems in the office.

Installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems during the repair of the office must be done last, but by acquiring them in advance so that when replacing the windows it is possible to make them taking into account the dimensions of the split system.

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