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Vinyl siding

by ladynews

In recent years, siding is very often used to finish the facades. Among the variety of types of siding, vinyl – the most popular of all types. It is used mainly for the lining of the facades of buildings, from one -story to multi -storey. The convenience of siding is that you can use it for decoration of a variety of walls, it will be a log or old brick and reinforced concrete shabby wall. So with a small time and money, an unsightly building will become neat and attractive.

Myths about siding

Vinyl siding quite quickly overgrown with all kinds of myths, despite the fact that construction is used recently. One of the myths is that the material of polyvinyl chloride emits harmful and poisonous substances for health. Do not believe all gossip. It was verified and approved by all official bodies. Pay attention when you watch American films, many houses are lined with siding. Really for many years, no one checked them, this material is toxic and harmful? Doubtfully, just manufacturers of harmful siding would go bankrupt, paying compensation, so loving the Americans to sue. Another myth suggests that the walls are sheathed with siding, begin to rot. This is not a true opinion, in fact: the production is made in such a way that the condensate does not linger on the walls, but flowed down the “boards” of Siding. So from the building, lined with siding, will not rot. The next myth says that Siding is afraid of the temperature difference, severe frost and wind. Supposedly during frost, it will freeze, become fragile, and will crack from the wind. Only all this is not so, with the correct installation, t. e. In compliance with the technology and installation instructions, then no myths are afraid of siding. And this is confirmed by more than twenty years of operation, in the Far North in Alaska and in Canada.

The advantages of vinyl siding

For vinyl siding, any weather is not afraid -this is a heat -resistant material, it can withstand the cold up to -50, and heat to +50. Even in such a cold and such heat, they will not spoil it, he will not peel off, will not burn out, not crack. Vinyl siding is a plastic material, and therefore will not rust, dry or rot. Harmful parasites and insects will not settle in it. Well, as for toxicity, then siding is not toxic than a plastic bag, plastic glass or bottle. Vinyl siding is a type of cladding that can withstand mechanical efforts, not damaged and not even scratched, because it has a flexible structure. With proper installation, you do not have to repair or repair, you may sometimes have to wash it, what can be done from the hose. Vinyl siding is a reliable material and will last about fifty years.

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