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We are building a Turkish bath

by ladynews

We are building a Turkish bath


In order to enjoy the Turkish bath, it is not necessary to go to Turkey, since it can be built on your site. Now the construction of baths can be ordered even from construction companies. But before starting its construction, it will be necessary to study all the subtleties and nuances of the construction of the Turkish bath in advance.

The first thing that will need to be done before the start of construction, so. This is to choose its location. For this, any room in the house is suitable or in a large apartment. The most important thing in the construction of this kind of bath, compliance with technical parameters.

In the room where the Turkish bathhouse will be located, there should be a certain level of humidity, and the temperature in it is adjusted using steam generators that will heat all the planes. The best steam generator is considered a water, as water heating will occur in it, and place pipes along the walls, on which it actually will circulate. Such pipes should not have too much diameter.

It should also be noted that the air temperature in the Turkish bath should always be the same +30 degrees, and during bath procedures it can be increased to +45 degrees.

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