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We create a glamorous interior in Louis XIV style

by ladynews

The concept of glamor comes from the English “Glamor”, which means charm, charm, “gloss”, brilliance … glamorous interior style – this, first of all, is the interior solution of vintage (in the style of retro). Luxury and, accordingly, decadence, sleep before lunch, champagne with truffles – but the main signs of a glamorous lifestyle. If it happened that it is very close and, in addition, you should immediately get down to business, arrange housing “in the very last fashion”, as our grandmothers said. You can also argue for a long time about whether the glamor in the interior style is quite relevant or, in principle, no, the elituren or has long been widely available. One will remain unchanged – I like luxury! Quite many respected manufacturers of interior items have released in this year new collections just in this style. Glamor in the interior style has several similar brightly expressed directions, and in the first place we will consider a new interpretation of baroque-style or the so-called style a la Louis (he is Louis) XIV.

Where to start?

At the very beginning, come to terms with the same that it will not work to save. The glamorous interior of the room will require considerable material embezzlement, despite this, you can hardly regret the means, looking at the result of your labors, as well as financial investments, no one remains indifferent, especially women.

Then determine the color palette: choose a golden-beige gamut in very warm colors or monochrome thorough design in cool (for example, black furniture and, in addition, lighting devices, a very dark floor in combination with white partitions and, in addition, textiles).

Further significant advice is the need for freedom of free space. Do not clamp the glamor in tight rooms with a low ceiling of the room, do not overload the rooms with a considerable number of objects, otherwise the situation will be more like a museum than a living room. Do not forget to read more about Slovakia Culture on the website GO2Slovakia


Give preference to wooden parquet flooring (will enhance the effect of the elaborate surfaces of the flooring) or use marble polished smooth tiles. Having made a decision on the use of even tiles, it should be remembered that such a material will give the interior decoration of the room coldness.

The ceiling of the room

In this case, you will be able to resort to a standardized, “without twist” decoration of the ceilings of the premises. The best decoration is graceful chandeliers of the ceiling with pendants. In the process of choosing bright chandeliers, we advise you to pay attention to the presence of the acquisition of backup lamps, because the latter are endowed with the ability to burn out, and their form may also be special.


Typically, partitions are decorated with wallpaper in Baroque, finishing decorative plaster or fabric. The option of finishing partitions (walls) with wooden panels is also possible. All window frames, doors, durable platbands should be wooden and, in addition, tone for partitions.


Such a section deserves special attention, since the furniture is rightfully the most embezzlement of a detailed project. Focus on further tips:

First, determine with the number of objects, for considerations of their functionality.

Start the choice of furniture with the most necessary, for example, furniture for the kitchen, living room, and after for the bathroom, bedroom, office and, in addition, t.D.

Use the collection of one company, and, in addition, it will be easier for you to get into style.

The glamorous interior of the room is exemplaryly answered by a velvet quinuated soft furniture, decorated with fringe, as well as frills, as well as recently, as well as feathers with rhinestones! A successful correct choice will be wooden bent legs, an intricate wood cut, very heavy frames of paintings and mirrors, statues, beautiful candlesticks, “pot -bellied” convenient chests of drawers with a variety of not very large boxes, female toilet comfortable tables, wardrobes for storage of dishes on very high legs and so on.

The main role in the interior of the room is played by soft furniture. In the days of Louis XIV, it became incredibly very popular. The classic traditional set looks like this:

for the living room – a sofa (much better than 2), armchairs, a small table, a fireplace focus or its imitation;

for the kitchen – a standardized set for the working area, a trump card of a dining kitchen table for 6 people minimum, a kitchen cabinet for dishes;

for sleeping rooms – a luxurious double bed with a canopy, a toilet comfortable table, a wardrobe for clothing;

for the bathroom – a bath on legs, textile small curtains, a wooden small cabinet for a washbasin.

The exquisite secretary becomes a curious highlight of the cabinet!

Textiles, accessories

Particular attention is worthy of flooring carpets – it is highly advisable to choose soft, long -term samples. Luxurious two -layer curtains made of velvet and silk with lambrequins, seizures, as well as brushes will decorate door and window openings. And the French orientation of the style is emphasized by silk poufs in arbitrary quantities, mirrors, beautiful small candlesticks, paintings in gilded frames (landscapes, still life), as well as generally accepted tapestries.

Perhaps it will be interesting to you:

All accessories can be bought in stores for expensive gifts. Many gratitude “Formation” – Weeqoney for writing an article.

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