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We use the balcony with benefit | Repair

by ladynews

Old, broken skis, which come from your childhood, ancient and for a long time unnecessary TV, half a lamp and pile a little bat tile, which remained of the previous repair. As well as a couple of curtains, various bags and incomprehensible boxes, in which no one remembers what is stored…. all this disgrace is neatly dumped into the corner (which occupies half the balcony), bashfully and very carefully covered with dense polyethylene and calmly lies unclaimed for more than one year. This is what the most ordinary balcony looks like in our immense country. But if you look better, then the balcony is a few additional meters of full -fledged living space! And in order to use them with maximum efficiency, it is necessary to clean up from garbage, then be sure to glaze and ultimately electrify this small room.

This is a rather troublesome procedure that requires some material, moral and physical costs, but all these difficulties will necessarily pay off with more than. The main thing is to choose a professional executing company correctly. After all, a lot depends on the quality of the insulation and the quality of the work themselves. In our winter area is quite harsh and it is imperative to additionally heat the balcony. This can be achieved using a special device of a warm floor, or just put safe heaters.

The need to decorate the windows of the balcony mainly arises among the happy owners of the living space on the ground floor or if the balcony goes to the south side, that is, when there is a real need to hide from annoying curious eyes or bright sun. How can you use the literally dumped but “extra” area?

For example, this room can be equipped like an office. People who work at home will surely appreciate this amazing opportunity! The computer and desk will surely fit even on a very small balcony. In this case, blinds will look good on the windows, although, here everything will depend on the desire of the owner of the office.

Also, with success, the balcony can be used as a workshop. Yes, many people are engaged in creative work without leaving home. Natural light will be the main advantage of the balcony-master. A room that previously former a balcony can be used as a large and comfortable flower garden, and you can still put a comfortable chair there and enjoy the flowering of your favorite plants year -round. And maybe you are a rather practical person? Then it makes sense to arrange a greenhouse on the balcony and get fresh herbs to the table without leaving the house!

It is well known that excessive nervous tension shortens the life of a person and brings many diseases. Yoga and meditation will help relieve stress and strengthen the body. To do this, it is necessary to cover the floor with mats, turn on the calm pacifying music, and light up special incense…. will not be superfluous and a small beautiful fountain, flowering plants, and, well, very dense curtains.

It may well be that your balcony is combined with a children’s room? Then you can give your child an additional room room! It will be possible to install a small hill, a sports horizontal bar, and even compact swings on this additional space. Windows in this case must be selected especially durable, from special hardened glass. It is quite difficult to break them even with a large stone, so your baby will be in complete safety. The combination of a former balcony with a kitchen space provides you with an excellent opportunity to arrange an incredibly cozy living room in almost fresh air. A small sofa, a couple of chairs, a serving table, perhaps a bar – and your friendly gatherings will bring you a lot of pleasure. Avid smokers will be especially appreciated by this idea. And finally, on the balcony freed from the trash, it is quite possible to make a simple separate room.

In the conditions of a small apartment, all households often lack. The well -insulated balcony will simply be turned into small, but separate apartments – it will be enough to put a comfortable bed and hang beautiful dense curtains. Pleasant alterations!

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