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What is a design project?

by ladynews

Some people have a design project often seems just a beautiful picture. In fact, this is a complex document in which drawings and notes contain technological aspects of upcoming repair or reconstruction work with the placement of equipment and communications, the selection of finishing materials, cuts and cross -sections of the walls, arrangement of furniture, ventilation design, and many other points.

The design project contains at least two important parts.

The first is the plan for the room made in computer graphics. It marks the location and geometry of engineering networks, as well as elements such as electrician, plumbing, air conditioning and heating systems. If we are talking about the design of the kitchen project, then the location of the gas eyeliner to the plate and the ventilation hole for installing the hood will be shown here. The types and number of materials required for decoration are also noted here.

The second is the study of the designer style of this room directly. The main stimulus for choosing a style is determined by the comfort that the owner of the apartment wants. In addition, the created interior should be a unique creation created “under the customer”, taking into account his habits and lifestyle.

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