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When renting rugs is more profitable than buying them with a subsequent cleaning service?

by ladynews

Renting carpets is a really demanded service. And it can be quite profitable, but not always. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy rugs, clean them yourself (or order cleaning) and change over time.

Most companies that offer renting dirty rugs (or any other carpet coatings) conclude a contract for several years. Moreover, the contract is often concluded only when ordering services for a certain amount. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that many companies rent mats to different organizations, so your building uses the same rugs as other buildings working with the lessor of rugs. By a certain point, the company’s rugs can be quite unpresentable if the company unscrupulously fulfills its obligations to replace its products. Similar things in firms for renting rugs sometimes occur due to the desire to save, and sometimes due to the fault of illiterate purchasers who incorrectly calculate the life of the carpets and do not monitor their condition.

So, in the building of one of the customers of the company, the rug can lie for one month before the replacement, because the management of the building wants to save money. In some cases, this can be qualified as improper operation of the rug, which accelerates its damage. The lessor of the rug does not calculate this information, which leads to the untimely exit of the rug out of the system (a change in its visual properties or functions, such.P.). The rug continues to be in the operation of the lessor, that is, falls into the hands of other customers who are more responsible for caring for their building, but are forced to work with spoiled and less useful carpets, paying more to replace them, because they have to change more often.

That is why when choosing the renters of rugs, it is necessary to study their reputation and the list of their customers.

In addition, before renting a carpet, it is necessary to calculate your benefit from this service. In general, almost all commercial objects use the services of replacing carpets (rental) or cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning that you yourself buy carpets and pay a cleaning company for the fact that since a certain period of time, its specialist comes and takes your carpets for cleaning, and at this moment you place a second set of carpets. Rent of carpets suggests that you use other people’s carpets – once in a certain period of time, representatives of the lessor come and take polluted carpets, leaving you clean.

In fact, almost no one washes dirty carpets for entrance groups on their own, because such carpets are extremely difficult to wash and clean. If such an opportunity exists, then the company saves significant amounts.

Rented carpets are cleaned by a company from which you rent them. If the contract does not imply a reverse, then clean, but not individually yours. These carpets were used in other buildings before you (and carpets from your building will go to another building after cleaning). The advantage of their own carpets that are cleaned in cleaning companies, in this case, is obvious – you are the only people who use your carpets – you yourself control their operation and the life of operation. If they are original or expensive, then this may be extremely important.

Since contracts with firms for cleaning or rental are signed for a long time, you should find out in advance about the reputation of the company. Many firms provide cheap carpets that do not look very aesthetic, especially when they start to deteriorate. Some companies do not change carpets for a long time, although each type of carpet has its own service life.

Calculating the cost of rent and the cost of a car washing contract is extremely important. You can save money if you think about which type of service is more profitable for you. Do not forget that rental or washing prices depend on how many times a week or a month to you will come to change carpets.

As a rule, a middle -level business, rents carpets, but most decisions take on the basis of the benefits of the contract (comparison, calculations, etc.P.). Elite organizations most often prefer their own original carpets and order them to clean them from cleaning companies.

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