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Where to hang suspended lamps and chandeliers

by ladynews

Suspended lamps and simple chandeliers are a popular choice for most apartments and country houses. Of course, the light built into the ceiling can give more light, but will require more investments, both one -time and constant. And the chandeliers, in addition to performing lighting function, complement the room with an element of decor. But the only problem remains that not everyone can choose the right chandelier, but the most important thing is not able to choose a place in the apartment for her so that it gives enough light. There are several basic guidelines that may be useful both when choosing the lamp itself and the place for its placement.

1. Over the table

The lamp should be higher than the table by 71-81 centimeters, but small changes can be acceptable depending on personal preferences, the size of the lamp and the height of the ceiling.

If you connect a dimmer to the lamp, then you can control the flow of light for certain tasks, for example, to make a brighter light for reading or work, and choose a softer light for lunch.

Above the rectangular table you can hang several lamps, thus illuminating the entire surface of the table, and not just its center.

2. In the hall

The chandelier in the hallway can add drama and beauty to the room, discarding the shadows and providing light. If the hallway is a high ceiling, it is important not to hang the lamp too high, so that the light does not disperse into nowhere.

If the hallway continues into the corridor, then you can hang lamps along the entire length, creating a line of light. It is very important to distribute their whereabouts in such a way that they are equal to the distance from each other, but each of them does not fall into the space of the opening door (if they are located along the corridor)

3. In the staircase

Lamps above the staircases add aesthetics stairs and provide it with the necessary lighting. The chandelier should be hanged high enough so as not to interfere with walking up the stairs.

4. Above the kitchen island

Even if the kitchen is illuminated by ceiling lamps, chandeliers above the kitchen island will only be a plus. This is a great solution to ensure adequate lighting over the working countertop, as well as a way to strengthen the design of the kitchen. Typically, kitchen chandeliers are placed at an altitude of 71-86 centimeters from countertop or 182 centimeters from the floor.  In any case, your task is to hang the lamp in such a way that when you are in full growth, the light is not directed to your eye.

As in the case of a rectangular table, if possible, place two lamps for proportional lighting of the entire surface, it is worth doing just like that.

5. In the center of the room

It is popular to place chandeliers in the center of the room. This is one of the most common options in our country since the time of the USSR, but not everyone does it right. In fact, in the center of the room the lamp can be placed without harm to the external appearance of the interior very rarely. The easiest way is to balance the view if there is some kind of furniture element under the chandelier, for example, a coffee table. One single chandelier placed in the center of the room will not give you enough light.  You need to take care of additional floor lamps and lamps, especially in working areas.

6. On the sides of the bed

Instead of table lamps, you can place two chandeliers on both sides of the bed. This is an effective way to illuminate the territory near the bed.

7. In bathroom

Today in average apartments, you can rarely find chandeliers in bathrooms, but still – they have a place to be in specific design options. The placement height should provide proper lighting, but not be low enough to interfere with any water procedures. Moreover, lamps should be designed for wet rooms.

8. At the feet of the bed

One of the options for placing a chandelier in the bedroom is to install it above the bed, or rather in the legs of the bed. It should be located low enough to illuminate the room, but not so much as to close the appearance of the TV that hangs opposite (or would allegedly hung).

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