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Window protective roller shutters

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To turn your home into real reliability, it is necessary to provide the openings of window systems with a fairly reliable protection. The arbitrary dreams of safe housing, but the sets are not frightened by an unnecessarily beautiful type of metal grilles. Do not want to tirelessly contemplate the “sky into a cell” – pay attention to decorating and, accordingly, comfortable defense roller shutters, relevant protective equipment for window systems.


Structurally protective window roller shutters (also known as protective blinds of windows or rollers) are the canvas folded from the lamp lamps. The main elements of the functional device include the guide components (tires), according to which the canvas moves, gradually wound on the shaft. The shaft is in a specialized box and equipped with a locking mechanism, as well as a control mechanism. From here it should be, if necessary, you can push the canvas, closing the full area of ​​the window opening, or hid it into the box, providing the room with enough free access of fresh air, the light of the sun.

The canvas can also be collected from steel or aluminum profiles. Glaces of protective window blinds are installed in the concave side outside, raising the level of anti -suggestion of the structure. The window roller shutters incredibly pick up with a crowbar, they well withstand the effect of a mechanical nature, respectively, the “work” of potential robbers will be very labor -cost and, in addition, it may not be an overly successful.

Steel reliable protective window roller shutters are much more very durable and in the basic use to form trade or industrial buildings. Models with lamellas, which are made of aluminum not so racks to external influences, but they are endowed with a smaller mass, are considered non -ruddy in management. Just aluminum protective roller shutters are equipped with the openings of window systems of residential buildings. Keep in mind that if you prefer fortified protection, preference should be given to profiles that are made of aluminum with a transverse jumper that increases the anti -jacket high strength of the material.

Management mechanism

Protective window roller shutters are necessarily equipped with a control mechanism, which can also be:

Electric (using an electric drive is advisable for fairly heavy steel rollers)

A mechanical (manual power drive is simply an indispensable, economic option for non -roller -like roller -sized roller stories)


It should be noted that the manual power drive in its turn happens:

Gorgeous (works on the basis of rotary movement of the gate);

Tape-shnurov (gearbox rotates using a cord);

Equipped with a cable reducer (the lace moves using the handle fixed to it);

Spring-inertial (works by analogy with Vortovoye, however, a spring will take the place).

In principle, all manual control mechanisms are appropriate attention, respectively, you can choose the same option, which will be convenient for you. Management, typically, is displayed inside the room, passing through the wall (partition).

Drill mechanism

Naturally, any window roller shutters will require equipment with a locking mechanism, which is measured in accordance with the structural control mechanism. We will consider the main options for constipation offered by manufacturers:

Side small valves – economic and, in addition, a simple method of locking roller. A small valve is placed in specialized slots of guide tires, work according to the principle of jokold: shift a small valve to the center of the lowered canvas, the window will be completed to the confrontation of the attacks of robbers.

The lower bar with the lock is the best option for working in a set with a spring -inertial control mechanism, but, in addition, with arbitrary mechanisms of a manual power drive can also be applied. The lower bar of the canvas is equipped with a lock, to which the corresponding key is attached.

Electric drive or cardan (upper locks) – mechanisms, window defensive roller shutters mounted in the box, which in automatic mode prevent its lifting, blocking the movement.

Electric power output with a magnetic card – a device used in a set with an electric drive, which allows you to open the shutters for windows only in the case of the contact of the magnetic card with the reader.

Electro -loading with a key – the principle of functioning is similar to the principle of action of the previous constipation, however, the everywhere of the card applies the key.

Types of installation of roller stories

Today, manufacturers offer 2 main types of installation roller. Protective window blinds can become:

riveted right into the opening of the windows

Similar rolls are mounted exclusively in the process of construction. The guides of the roller shutters are laid in the partitions until the window opening is executed. Accordingly, the mounted protective roller shutters are endowed with an unconditional degree of greater reliability, since in order to break through the same protection, robbers will need to disassemble the masonry of walls (partitions).

external (overhead)

Regardless of the obvious advantages of rolled rolled, overhead options are still losing their popularity and, in addition, universal distribution. But only a few think about protecting the openings of window systems at the stage of building a house, preferring to postpone the solution of this significant issue for a much later date. In general, your protection forms a slight place – the guides attached from the outside, if necessary, can also be pulled out of the partition. Undoubtedly, the desire should be severe, but suddenly just you and, in addition, a very stubborn thief will come across?

We also note, despite this, that the overhead window roller shutters will cost you a smaller amount than similar mounted models. Consequently, large fans of savings will very calmly survive the impossibility of installing mounted rivets.

The advantages of rolled

Window roller shutters are endowed with countless advantages, which can also be classified:


increased reliability of protection from the rays of the sun, dust, third -party views, as well as hacking;

a very high degree of glass protection from aggressive external environmental influences;

ensuring the possibility of emergency evacuation in a fire;

the possibility of light regulation (this function is realized by the lifting of the Rolstavan canvas);

Convenience during operation;

auxiliary sound and thermal insulation.

On a note:

You are helped by the technology of filling the cavities of plate-lamp cavities with a foam-insulator helps you to increase the level of insulation. The method is suitable for each roller, with the exception of aluminum models, which are equipped with a transverse jumper.


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