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Window selection: In the weather for a white rabbit or how not to make adventures in the world of Wonders from buying windows

by ladynews

We live in a world that seems to become more and more difficult in minutes. This is a place where even the simplest purchases make your head spin. Take, for example, a purchase of a TV. Previously, people in sweat were thrown from the choice only size, and today they need to decide between plasma, projection HD, LCD, 1080p and this is just the beginning. Unfortunately, choosing windows today is not much easier than choosing a TV. To begin with, you choose panels, then glass, determine with their number, then you should choose the coating, heat conservation coefficient and other energy efficiency indicators. And in addition to everything, you must decide on design design and find something specific in the mass of styles options. And most importantly, you need to choose from many companies that offer you their products and services.

You can purchase windows in the company available windows, which offers a large selection of models, including plastic windows, wooden windows, colored windows.

Selection of the desired window is now a trip to the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Where do not look – everywhere miracles, beauty and something unusual. However, unlike Alice from the story of Lewis Carroll, we can’t try everything in a row until we find the right combination. We need to decide the first time and do it right. The good news is that we have an assistant who did not have Alice, namely the Internet. In this article, we will tell you about how to choose the right window and use a world web in your search.

How to choose a company?

You should start with your needs. Decide what you want from your window and make a list. If you want an energy -saving double -glazed window, micro -ventilation, you have certain color preferences in your head? What sizes do you need for a standard window and on the balcony. In general, collect all your information and structure the data as much as possible.

When you do this, send your request for a miscalculation of the cost of the window according to your wish to the maximum number of companies of your city and wait for the answers. Next, compare the results obtained at the cost, installation, guarantee. Among the answers received, most will be similar in price, so continue your correspondence with managers, clarifying how their windows differ from the windows of their competitors, whether they have returns, whether it is possible to read reviews somewhere. In general, ask more provocative questions. Mark from the list all those companies whose managers attached or blurredly answered your additional questions.

In general – this method is the fastest way for you to get the maximum response in prices in your city.

It was about how to choose a company that produces plastic windows. But how to choose the window itself?

So, first you should decide on the material. You will be offered PVC, fiberglass, wood and aluminum. Each option has its own pros and cons of. There are many articles on the Internet that compare all these materials in detail. We advise, reading reviews on forums is a personal opinion of people and therefore it is worth trusting it to a greater extent.

Next, find out your options in choosing double -glazed windows. Energy saving and heat in the room depends on them. The cheapest one is single -chamber double -glazed windows, but the most common option is two -chamber double -glazed windows. Today there is also a three -chamber double -glazed window and, of course, it was the most energy -efficient until that moment while the researchers rustled in their laboratories and did not come up with upgrading the good old single -chamber double -glazed window in the energy -saving. Thus, today there are simple single -chamber double -glazed windows and energy -saving single -chamber double -glazed windows. The first are the cheapest, the second are the most expensive. However, two-chamber double-glazed windows are still in demand in the market, because they are in the middle range of the totality of price and quality.

In principle, these are two important parameters that relate to the choice of the window itself, and all the initially relied on them. Then follows the choice of darkening films and additional functions. For example, there is a glass that itself washes itself. This is very cool, but if you need such innovative models, you may not need a massive newsletter of letters, because such windows can only be done in selected organizations. Another thing is when it comes to design or window painting. This is also not a widely fought service, but it can be additionally specified about it in your mailing list. In principle, you can prescribe any additional elements of design and functionality in your letter to window manufacturers. Almost everything can be done today, another thing is that it will require your budget investments.

Portal Project Rods wishes you a pleasant choice of windows. If you know which manufacturers make unusual windows or want to share tips on what you need to consider when choosing a window, write your thoughts in the comments below.

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