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Wooden fences

by ladynews

Wooden fences are constructed from natural materials, so it is not at all surprising that they are of great popularity among owners of the private sector. The most primitive solution is the dull fence of the boards attached to the horizontal crossbar near each other.  Horizontal crossbars, in turn, are thoroughly fixed to the pillars.  Instead of ordinary wooden pillars, you can use metal supports. Therefore, with this option, no frills can not be expected.

A translucent fence that has separate elements separated by the openings will look much more interesting. Thus, most often they cover a beautiful and well -groomed area. The advantage of such a fence is that this is a kind of protection against the wind. In the distant past there were fences from wattle and driven picket fence, so this topic for discussion is not relevant today. By the way, now they often began to install Zhytomyr boilers, they are not very expensive.

If the wooden fence is built from the boards attached horizontally and a little overlap (observing a certain angle) will turn out the type of half -open blinds. Such a fence will surely hide your site from prying eyes.

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