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World market of safes and storage facilities

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Safes and storages provide safe storage of various documents and things, protecting them from various threats like fires or thefts. In most cases, these funds are used to prevent unauthorized access to potentially dangerous items or important papers. For example, a company with a FSB license to GOSTINN must have a certification of the premises and equipment for storing secret documents, and the security company must store weapons in the weapon safe.

The global market of safes and storage facilities can be divided into seven segments depending on the type of product: media safes, weapons safe, floor and wall safes, safes for money, deposit safes, vaults and other safes. The key consumer of the market is the banking sector, as well as the retail sector, individual consumers and individual specialized industries, such as pharmaceutical companies, hotel business and chemical laboratories.

The main regions of the market of safes and storage facilities are North America, Europe and the Asia -Pacific region. The key players in the world market are Kaba Group, American Security Products, Diebold and Godrej & Boyce Manoufactoring, but in reality producers of safes (including with a world name) is much larger.

The key factor in industry growth is the demand from the banking sector and interest from specialized customers. The most difficult task for manufacturers is to segment their products for requests from different customers.

The main types of safes in the market

Media safes protect documents and devices that are prone to physical damage and contain confidential information. Such safes have different sizes and various levels of fire safety, but they protect not only from fire and hacking, but also from dust, heat, humidity and electrostatic charges. As a closing mechanism, a mechanical lock or electronic lock is used. There may be trays and retractable shelves inside such safe. The main customers for such safe are accounts, financial institutions, factories, hotels, hospitals and warehouses.

Weapons safe are protective containers that limit access to firearms and ammunition. The function of such safes is not only to protect the weapon from robbery or unauthorized use, but also from the fire. In safes of this type, certain functions should be present, such as high resistance in high temperatures and a smooth locking system. Nevertheless, the samples of the pre-class have an organizer with bags, pockets and other storage features. The demand for weapons safe is growing in different regions depending on local legislation regarding the ownership of weapons, as well as the size of the security services market.

Floor and wall safes most often go to private clients for individual use. These safes store jewelry, documents, valuable things. A feature of simple safes of this type is the possibility of fast and easy installation, because they have pre -drilled anchor openings. Safes for private use are often equipped with interior features that allow them to “drain” them with a room. In addition to private use, floor safes are also often bought at small offices, at gas stations and retail stores.

Special cash safes are used to store money. These safes are an integral part of any environment where cash flows occurs. These safes can be connected to security systems. ATM storage systems of money also relate to cash safes.

Depository safes are used in automobile companies, a retail company, restaurants, etc.P.  These are peculiar safe boxes that are equipped with different means and mechanisms to protect the contents for some time.

Storage facilities are protective rooms integrated into the building with armored walls, narrow doors and complex locks. These storage facilities are placed in money, values ​​and important documents. They are a traditional part of financial institutions and consist of different components. For example, wall panels are made of reinforced concrete, alloy doors, and locks are often made combined and attached to numerous bolts.

Other types of safe can be specialized for certain needs of different industries. For example, hotel safes, safes for pharmacies, etc.P. Thus, special -type pharmacy safes are popular due to frequent thefts of prescription drugs. Such safes help to track the movement of goods. And the hotel safes, on the other hand, are designed to safely store valuables of guests. Producers of specialized safes have to constantly monitor the trends of different industries in order to produce the most convenient options.

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