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A new type of filtering is based on fish

by ladynews

The problem of traditional filters is that they do not do their job without clogging. Ichthyologist Lori Sanderson from William & Mary has developed a new filter that will not be clogged (at least it will be much more resistant to blockages). The design of the new filter is based on the hydrodynamics of fish that filter water for feeding.

The traditional water filter simply cuts off particles, preventing them from making their way through their individual layers. But these particles simply eat on the filter, so all the filters either change over time or clean. The Santreson filter works on the principle of cross-stable filtration and directs particles in any right direction.

The new filter may be impractical for the rank of applications (for example, it may not come for a car), but still in industry it can be used. For example, for filtering dairy products or fruit juices, when you need to separate solid particles.

Santerson technology has not yet been turned into commercial technology, and not bred to the market. Ichthyologist hopes that in the near future she will find partners for commercial developments and the widespread use of her technology in new types of filters.

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