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About roofing materials

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The roof is not only the most important element of the construction of the house that protects it from atmospheric influences, but also a kind of “business card”, largely determining the appearance of the building.

Facade slate

The smooth surface of the roof is very popular among ambitious architects. But one thing is the direct lines of the project on paper, and the other is its embodiment in practice, often very distant from the original plan.

The architect from Luxembourg Jean-Claude Welter decided not to compromise, implementing his own project at home. As a roofing, he used facade shale tiles, creating a completely smooth surface of the roof with its help. Tiles with dimensions of 60 x 30 cm and a thickness of 1 cm of shade, polar green with a rough texture create a geometric pattern on the roof of a private house. An unusual roof is built using almost all components of the traditional crate of the facade on a completely sheathed with boards and the surface sealed with plastic. Usually, when facing facades around each tile for ventilation, a gap is left about 1 cm. With a similar method of installation and a roof tilt provided for the project equal to 25 °, the rain water through the cracks will flow inside.

Therefore, under the shale coating from the ridge to the drainage gutter, a moisture -resistant base of the plastic panels cooked among themselves is laid. Since, unlike the facade, the roof involves the load from its own weight and snow, an additional check was carried out, after which the project was given a green light.

Classics and modernity: fashionable colors

The Linea model is presented in a matte -black and red design, a monaco – in the openers of Umbra and Rosso Erlus, a leading manufacturer of roofing materials in Germany, presented new colors of the roofing tiles of the Monaco and Linea series Ergoldsbacher.

Smooth Linea Tiles of modern simple design is made by a special firing method at a temperature of 1200 ° C. The high temperature of the technological process gives the model a particularly dense and high -quality, like clinker, a structure that guarantees high frost resistance and reliable protection against the aggressive influence of the environment. The new material is quite economical: only 10 tiles are enough to cover 1 mg of roof. Along with excellent functional properties, the excellent Linea design, marked by many prestigious awards, captivates.

The Monaco Model Ergoldsbacher line looks completely different: the classic profiled tiles of the Mediterranean design allows you to implement housing projects in the southern style. The profile of roofing material communicates the surface of the roof with a unique, characteristic game of light and shadow, due to which the appearance of the house acquires a recognizable Mediterranean note. The presence of a fold provides an effective discharge of precipitation.

The products of the presented series are completely made of natural materials and meet all the requirements of modern building standards.

The roof of a private house is not only the pride of its owner, but also the property of the general public, according to Germany. Therefore, when erecting or updating the roof, it is important not only to choose the right color and material, but also to fit into the architectural context as much as possible. Otherwise, judicial claims and fines cannot be avoided.

Construction rules approved in Germany by local authorities prescribe the preservation of the general appearance of the residential quarter and the correspondence of a private house by the regional nature of architecture. Along with the height of the building, the shape and angle of the roof tilt with the development plan also provides for the permissible colors of the roofing. The requirements can not only limit those striking, unusual colors – for example, blue or green – but also strongly recommend the red or black typical for a given area. And the desire to build a house with a blue roof in a village where there are no colored roofs, it can be easily blocked.

German experience: on guard of traditions

The roofing material itself is often subject to regulation. For example, in rural areas and on buildings that are historical or architectural monuments, they usually recommend the use of ceramic tiles. At the same time, the familiar small -format tiles may well replace a large -sized analogue of traditional forms. In some areas, there are even instructions regarding the texture of the surface of the tile, since glossy surfaces with a bright shine can create problems near airports, and therefore are extremely undesirable. Such issues are resolved in local governing bodies, and the rules are sometimes very different. Therefore, in one area it can be allowed that in another strictly prohibited.

White tiles – current decision

If we take into account the new conclusions that experts from the US. To be easier to endure the sun and heat in the city, all roofs should be white, scientists say from the National Center for the Study of the Climate of the United States. According to their calculations, in this case, the temperature in cities in the summer will decrease by a whole degree, which will make a significant contribution to the climate and the fight against global warming.

The new initiative – the so -called “white strategy” – is based on the significance of Albedo – the reflective ability of the material. It means the ratio of the light stream, reflected (diffused) surface, to the light stream falling on it. For example, this indicator for snow is 0.8-0.9, and for asphalt – 0.15. It is for this reason that the house in the southern regions is often painted white.

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