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DIY wood windows

by ladynews

DIY wood windows you can find a fairly large assortment of various kinds of windows. They differ in size, the material used and other design features. However, sometimes, none of the proposed options may arrange a consumer. Then, you have to resort to the ownership of the window. Consider how you can make wood windows with your own hands. It is worth noting that this is a rather painstaking work, but a high level of development of modern technologies can significantly facilitate this process. Of course, you will need a tool with which you can create a window itself, but no additional expensive equipment will be needed. Of course, if you are not going to produce windows in industrial volumes. To begin with, in order to create windows from wood with our own hands, we will need bars, preferably from strong wood. Most often, pine is used in this case, since this wood is very strong, and at the same time relatively easy to process. Most often, for the manufacture of woods from wood with your own hands, you use bars with sizes of 6 by 4 cm. The scheme by which the window itself will be created can be drawn with your own hand, thoroughly measuring, all the necessary parameters or use those that can be found on the Internet. The simplest and most convenient option is the usual cross frame. To connect the bars with each other, a simple spice connection is used. When the timing is best taken, it is best to take the length of the spikes of at least 3 cm. At the intersection of the bars used, it is necessary to use the connection to the half -ceremony. When assembling, glue and doughs are most often used. When driving holes under the dadies, it is worth maintaining a distance of 2 cm from the inner edge, however, the dough should get into the spike. After the main work has been performed and the frame accepted the almost final appearance, it is necessary to polish the surfaces. This is done on both sides to get a perfectly even surface of the window. Next, you should make a groove for glass. To do this, use a milling mill and create a groove with a depth of about 1 centimeter. There will be a glass of 4 mm thick and stacking. After the main surface of the groove has been created by the mill, it is necessary to give it the correct shape with the help of a well -sharpened chisel. After that, glasses are inserted and stammines are attached.

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