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Drying wood, technology

by ladynews

The future appearance of the wooden structure is largely determined by the technology of wood drying, which is especially important in the preparation of this material for construction. Air, stove, as well as natural drying technology is currently used.

Airy drying

With air drying, finished logs are located under a canopy that protects them from precipitation. Thus, they can dry from one to two years. At the same time, wood drying in this way is considered the most natural and economical, although a few long. And logs dried by the air method are characterized by quite high quality. As a result of this, the moisture content of the wood is reduced by 20%, and the small cracks that appear allow you to think in advance what additional volume of work will be required when erecting a wooden house.

Stove drying

The stove drying technology requires much less time and, in addition, allows you to effectively get rid of wood pests. The cost of such drying is much higher, but sometimes it is necessary. Especially then, if there is soft wood in stock.

Natural drying

Natural drying is a natural process of drying a tree for natural reasons when it has already died, but continues to stand. In the process of vertical drying of wood, it becomes possible to achieve its highest quality. Some areas are characterized by the presence of very large reserves of such trees. As a rule, they are wider in diameter, which especially attracts future owners of wooden houses. And this despite the fact that a wooden house made of wood, subjected to natural drying, is sitting much more. But the inconvenience caused by this problem is eliminated, and the service life of the building will be much longer. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. However, you should choose perfectly suitable wood for the construction of your own housing, taking into account a specific situation, as well as financial capabilities. Recently, the construction of wooden houses made of wood with natural humidity has become quite popular. The cost of such houses is an order of magnitude lower, but their shrinkage lasts about a year. The construction itself is carried out in two stages. First they build the house itself, and after a year they insulate it and carry out all the necessary finishing work

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