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Electric trains in Holland will only use wind energy

by ladynews

Holland has a new ambitious project – the country wants to transfer the entire system of electric railways to power from windmills.

The Dutch energy company ENECO and the Vivens railway company signed a contract that suggests that all trains in the Netherlands will work on the energy generated by wind farms.

The energy of the wind for the railways of Holland will come from the windmills in Holland itself, as well as from attitudes in Belgium and turbines in some Scandinavian countries. Lately, wind energy has really been in great demand. According to the International Energy Council, wind energy is growing by 24% every year. The Council predicts that if the governments of different countries adhere to the planned plans, then in the near future the energy of the wind will be 18% of the total energy production on a global scale.

ENECO company also signed a contract with Google, which suggests that the Google data processing center in the northern part of Holland will also eat from the energy of the wind park.

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