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Facing with wood -steering plates

by ladynews

The introduction of wood material for wall decoration carries with it the highest aesthetic result, high sound insulation and heat saving. Often, finishing shares are attached to the wood frame. After all, it is attached to screwed traffic jams in the wall. The volume of the frame and rails, often 40×40 mm, it depends entirely on the volume of the wall. Когда нужно было повысить звукоизоляцию и сбережение тепла, то меж рейками каркаса пролагают полистирольные, минераловойлочные, гипсовые перфорированные плиты. The wood-steering plate (chipboard) is attached with nails to the frame from all 4 sides. Nails will need to be sutured 3 times longer than the thickness of the plate. The holes for nails preferably drill. Below, the plinth is attached to the block of the horizontal frame. The joints between the slabs and the heads of the nails are closed with rails.

, Among other things, the adhesive method of connecting chipboard with the walls. The plane of the wall painstakingly cleaned from garbage, dirt, paints and dust. Wash and dry. Further, glue is applied to the wall and plate, the plate is closely pressed to the wall using cement bags and other weighty improvised means. Joints are treated with rails.

The merger “PAZ – Crozen” predicts the fastening of one slab with a crest to another with a groove. T. e. The protruding crest of the plate is driven into the groove of the plate located nearby and is fixed by the hammer blows. The side with the protruding wave is attached to the frame with a nail.

In order to set the plate by volume, it is sawn with a saw with small teeth. The plate is laid on a strong plane, in order to avoid fault. Speaking and drilling is made exclusively from the outside. Folder paper is used to process the apartments.

For facing the front lobe, I will accept the wood -fiber slabs that are processed after that veneer. In addition, there are options for pasting their wallpaper of all kinds of species, polyvinyl chloride films with a pattern of wood or stone.

Veneered by veneers, covered with oil or pentifal varnish. If the stove is in the absence of veneers, it is recommended to primed it and paint it with paint. After that, you can poke the wallpaper.

DSP is attached by means of nails and screws. They must be with a coating protected from corrosion in order to prevent the spread of corrosion on the stove. The distance of such a mount is located depending on the thickness of the plate personally. For example, the distance when attaching chipboard is more than the distance when fastening wood -fiber plates.

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