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Garden greenhouses

by ladynews

The owner of a garden greenhouse has a unique opportunity to grow his own vegetables and herbs. The great popularity of greenhouses from cellular polycarbonate is fully justified, given their wide possibilities for creating the necessary microclimate for growing garden crops where spring comes late and the plants do not have enough time for full growth. Popular once -film greenhouses today displace garden greenhouses made of polycarbonate, which have high indicators of light permeability, strength, durability, resistance to any weather conditions, lightness and thermal insulation.

To install a greenhouse on your own area, you do not need to arrange a foundation or perform other work. The greenhouse is installed directly on the soil, while due to high sailing, it is only necessary to fix the greenhouse with special pins in order to withstand very strong gusts of wind. You can purchase a greenhouse in a disassembled state and deliver and assemble on your own, or you can use the greenhouse delivery service to your garden plot and entrust the assembly by professionals who will carry out installation in the shortest possible time in compliance with all the norms and rules of quality assembly.

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