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Glazing of the Khrushchev balconies

by ladynews

Glazing the “Khrushchev” balconies has their own nuances. The first problem – the width of the balcony is insignificant (about 70 cm); The second – the fence is a kind of rusty metal structure, which is unlikely to withstand VEKA plastic windows on itself. Therefore, the most suitable solution in this situation will be glazing the balcony using an aluminum profile. The main advantage of this method of glazing is the ease of design and the possibility of depressurization, and the pleasant appearance is very popular in the “Khrushchev”.

Additional designs are its cheapness. For filling in this case, glass is used (the size of which is approximately 5 mm) and the sandwich panel (thickness – 8 mm). T.To. The aluminum structure has a slight weight, an additional opportunity appears to expand the balcony – make glazing behind the parapet (brackets are screwed to the parapet on the bolts, which take the entire structure for the parapet of 30 cm). Having completed the glazing of the balcony (loggia), it is very important to make a waterpower system competently.

Thanks to sliding aluminum, the owners of the Khrushchevs receive reliable protection against bad weather, capable of holding a temperature difference up to 15 degrees (between the street and the room).

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